Frameless Acrylic ART - Coloured Lines - SC128

Size 120x120cm.

Beautiful stylized Zebra Acrylic Art, with multicoloured stripes. Stunning home decor art.

*High level of UV protection - lasts 10 years.

*Acrylic face offers super-vivid printing that lasts 10 years

*45 degree bevelled edge with "diamond" polish finish

*High Resolution & High Definition IMAGES

*Complete with hanging hooks and wall plugs

Our Acrylic Face Mounting accentuates the vibrancy and colours of our images, which are extremely high resolution, and provides a finish and a sophisticated visual flair that is second to none. With a high level of UV protection, the Acrylic Face Mounted Prints not only offers spectacle but also durability, being unaffected by moisture or spills.

Our Acrylic Artworks grants a reflective quality not unlike glass, and are vibrant and near glossy. Each piece is backed with a sturdy and protective inner frame that allows it to be hung seamlessly on your wall, and hanging hooks are provided with each piece.