Metal ART - Earth, Style No. PMA067

Incredible, rustic style Metal Wall Art depicting a map of the Earth. Featuring a stunning 3-D textural quality, and absolutely exuding a one-of-a-kind visual flair. Amazing home decor artwork.

Actual size 120cm x 80cm x 5cm thickness

This handcrafted metal wall art, is individually crafted with sheet metal pieces welded and painted to create a breathtaking piece of eye-catching metal art. Our industrial art is created using a combination of traditional metalwork and artistic skills, where individual pieces of metal are assembled on a frame then hand painted and embellished, making every piece a unique work of metal art that's ready to hang. 

Images are for display purposes only. As our Metal ART is handmade and unique subtle differences between what is displayed and the actual piece supplied may vary. If you wish to view the an actual piece before we ship please email us either before or after placing an order.