Size Guide

Adding wall art to your home décor will enhance your room with colour, character and style, invigorating a space with an eye catching focal point and visual spectacle. However, the task of determining the proper size and placement of new artwork can sometimes seem daunting; “What size painting should I choose for my wall?”. Below is a general guide for helping you with your purchase.

60x120cm – Ideal feature size for placing above 4 seater dining tables, single beds, large single sofas or above a buffet table or TV. It is also an effective feature size for above office tables, and across 2 seater sofas. The 60x120cm size is versatile with a variety of applications, perfectly providing a substantial feature for many wall spaces.

80x150cm – This is an especially made and ideal feature size for many wall spaces, including above a Double, Queen or King Sized bed, above 2 or 3 seater Sofas, wider Buffet Tables, and 6-8 seated Dining Tables. The expansive size of the 80x150cm range allows a prominent feature and substantial focal point for many wall spaces.

80x200cm – If size matters this is an ideal feature size, especially for those larger walls. The 80x200cm size is perfect for placing above King Size Beds, 3 Seater Sofas, Modular Sofas and 8 ft/ 8-10 seater Dining Tables. Of course, this is also a fantastic expansive feature size for larger bare expansive walls like in a living room or in a hallway.

60x120cm or 90x120cm Vertical – Versatile size with emphasis on vertical presence to stand out prominently as a singular feature piece. Works well, for example, between windows, in a passageway between doors, or as a feature at the end of a hallway. Can also work effectively when combined with similar themed pieces for an extended display in a passageway.

Still not sure what size might suit, or what might look best? Why not come into one of our showrooms and speak to our friendly staff, who are more than happy to help you make the right decision!

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