Gallery Wrapping

What is Gallery Wrapping?

A lot of our canvas artworks are presented 'Gallery Wrapped'. But what does this mean?

Gallery wrapping is also commonly known as 'Stretching'. This is a method of stretching a canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides of a wooden frame (stretcher bar) and is secured to the back of the wooden frame.

Many of our artworks are gallery wrapped, but please refer to the description of each artwork for clarification. Our gallery wrapped artworks are professionally mounted on 38mm thick stretcher bars, and guaranteed to not buckle or break over time.

Why Should I want Gallery Wrapping?

The great thing about Gallery Wrapped canvases is that they allow the actual artwork to stand out on the wall. For our hand painted artworks, this is preferred as it compliments the texture and hand painted quality of each piece.

Did you know?

We also do gallery wrapping for your own canvas artworks in any size up to 2.3m.

Please call us on 0481 032 775 for a quote.