Radiant Rose - Brushed Aluminium Multi Panel Art - MA112 - 60x150cm – Priceless ART: Australia's Largest Range of Affordable ART
Radiant Rose - Brushed Aluminium Multi Panel Art - MA112 - 60x150cm

Radiant Rose - Brushed Aluminium Multi Panel Art - MA112 - 60x150cm

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  • HAND POLISHED AND GRINDED; The Aluminium metal art is meticulously hand grinded, producing textures which create a dramatic 3D illusion of depth and dimension, especially when subjected to light
  • MADE TO IMPRESS; these unique pieces are a spectacle that are simply unlike any other type of wall art. They are a quick and easy way to add depth, dimension, and an unparalleled 'Wow' Factor to any room. The finesse and quality of their craftmanship is second-to-none, and showcased in its elegant composition consisting of intensely considered hand-rendered strokes.
  • VERSATILE; This metal wall art set can be displayed in any space; indoors as a living room center-piece, or outdoors as a stunning patio feature. It looks spectacular under natural light, and dazzles when featured under track lighting.
  • OVERALL SIZE WHEN HUNG; 50cm x 160cm (20" X 63"), consisting of 5 panels at 50cm x 32cm each; each fixed with a mounting bracket and ready to hang.
  • INSTALLATION COULDN'T BE EASIER with our easy installation guide ensuring the perfect fit and look every time, all pieces come with a metal bracket for easy installation. The Aluminum Panels are very light, albeit durable, and very easy to hang on any wall
  • Our Aluminium Metal Wall Art effectively capture the interplay of highlights and shadows and create a new three dimensional sense of movement when viewed from different angles.
  • The Aluminium is hand polished and grinded with textures to create dramatic illusions of depth and dimension. The silver reflections will be especially appreciated in person as glimmering light seems to interact with the metal as you move around it. Each piece is meticulously fabricated and each piece will vary slightly from the photos shown.We use the highest grade materials to bring you many years of enjoyment, and mounting brackets are installed to allow hanging on any surface.

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